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Electrical Rotary Joints

Electrical Rotary Joints

The safe transmission of electrical currents in the range of mA to welding currents of several 100 A requires the use of high-quality contacting materials such as highly polished hard gold. To cover the various technical needs such as transmission of data, ie. Profibus, Ethernet, video signals, high current supply etc. the internal design and routing of leads as well as proper shielding and the use of the correct cables and connectors is important for a successful product.

With this structure, in addition to almost all fieldbus systems, Ethernet, resolvers, incremental encoders, thermal sensors, strain gauges and many other signals can also be transmitted with an excellent life expectancy.

The high-speed system is available for high speeds of up to several thousand revolutions per minute. In addition to some standard products, customer-specific solutions are often developed. Combinations with media rotary unions (air, water, hydraulics, etc.) are also possible.

Wherever possible the slip ring assembly is delivered as a complete and sealed-housed assembly. This eliminates the danger of contamination and makes the slip-ring assembly maintenance free. Electrical rotary joints are often combined with rotary joints for air and/or liquids such as hydraulic oil. The use of our slip rings or electrical rotary joints enables new solutions for machine designers towards an optimised problem solution. 

closed system
closed system with through bore
closed or open plan system
open system


  • Packaging machines
  • Winding machines
  • Changeover mechanism in the paper industry
  • Rotating table machines
  • Tool machinery
  • Machines for the building industry
  • Video systems for inspection of underground channels
  • Plastic moulding machines
  • Welding machinery
  • Wind power stations