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Glass industry

Coating type:


CT600BC-TC CT600BC-B1 CT700 other
Application: base coat for blank moulds and bottom plates top coat for blank moulds top coat for blank an blow moulds, bottom plates, take-out tongs etc. neckrings, blow mould, bottom plates etc. delivery systems, fingers for ware transfer, fingers for push bar etc
Curing temperature: > 420°C > 420°C > 420°C > 500°C  
Curing time at curing temperature: 45 min 45 min 45 min 15 min  


clean and roughend surface
required (sandblasting)

used in combination with base coat CT600BC-BC

cured coated surface can be polished if required

used in combination with 
base coat CT600BC-BC

no surface roughening required

can be use on all metallic surfaces

products on custumer demand