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Indexing Units

Indexer combined with rotary joint
Arrangement of shafts: 
Crossed or parallel
Number of Stops: 

Three variants are available:
1. Fixed number of stops (1 to 45), timing variable
2. Number of stops and timing variable
3. Different movement curves

Indexing Angle: 
90° - 330° or variable
Motion Law: 
Oscillating Motion: 
Precision of Indexing: 
>30" ca. 0.03 mm on a radius of 200mm

Packaging machines, assembly machines, feed for punching machines, chain conveyors, turning devices, can pulling machines, inspection machines in the glass industry, machine tools, machines for the graphic arts industry, screen printing machines and much more.

Specially Qualified: 

Customer-specific adaptations of all kinds are possible.
Servo drive according to customer requirements is possible.