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Indexing Units

Arrangement of shafts: 
Number of Stops: 

(0) 1 to 24 "0" equals constant speed cam

Indexing Angle: 
90° - 330° depending on number of stops
Motion Law: 
MS (standard) MT,CYC,MSC (10-66), MSH, SHM Polynomial (to suit customer specific motion requirements. Especially with higher speeds for low vibration motion.)
Oscillating Motion: 
up to 150° Indexing angle special motion profiles over full 360° output
Precision of Indexing: 
>30" ca. 0.03 mm on a radius of 200mm

repeating motions on packaging machinery, assembly automates, feeding mechanisms on stamping machines, advancing chain conveyors, turning over mechanisms, can necking machines, inspection machines for the glass industry, toolmachines, machines for graphical industry, screen printing machines a.o.

Specially Qualified: 

heavy machine design and for heavy rotating table applications