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SRK-A basic version
Category of product: 
Electrical Rotary Joints
Type of product: 
System components: 
Basic version with shaft or flange rotor end
Electrical basic data: 
>500V (>5000V) mA-50A
Number of Channels: 
1 - >200
Rotation Speed (rev./min.): 
> 100
Assembly Criteria: 
With shaft or flange on rotor end Cables with or without connectors Assembled to the customers shaft en or with through bore Cable selection
Customer specific solutions: 
combination with position feed-back sensor, encoder, proximity switches, contacts for position feed-back special housing geometry in case of limited available space
Environmental Issues: 
special cables for higher temperatures additional sealing against spray water etc. exchangeability for ex. easy detachable connectors on rotating shaft
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